Award Ceremony Theodora Niemeijer Prize 2018 - finalists: Isabelle Andriessen, Josefin Arnell, Joy Mariama Smith

Josefin Arnell: winnaar Theodora Niemeijer Prijs 2018
Isabelle Andriessen, finalist Theodora Niemeijer Prijs 2018
Josefin Arnell, finalist Theodora Niemeijer Prijs 2018. Foto: Lukas Heistinger
Joy Mariama Smith, finalist Theodora Niemeijer Prijs 2018

Award Ceremony Theodora Niemeijer Prize 2018 finalists: Isabelle Andriessen, Josefin Arnell, Joy Mariama Smith

15:00 - 17:00

On Saturday 23 June the winner of the Theodora Niemeijer Prize 2018 will be announced. The Theodora Niemeijer Prize is the only Dutch prize for visual arts specifically dedicated to women.

the three finalists

End May the jury announced the names of the three artists who are in the running for this year's edition of the prize. The finalists are - in alphabetical order:
- Isabelle Andriessen,
- Josefin Arnell 
- Joy Mariama Smith.

The winning artist will develop a project in Het Oog for half a year, starting end of September 2018, and in addition receives prize money of € 10.000. The second and third place receive €2.500 and €1.500 respectively. This year the jury had to select a shortlist from 94 project proposals. For the jury, a combination of quality, daring, distinctiveness, professional development, use of space and technical feasibility was decisive.

The programme of 23 june

The programme of 23 June is as followed:

15.00: A welcome in the auditorium by Andrea Davina, chairman of the Stichting Niemeijer Fonds.

15.15: Screening of the films of the three finalists.

15.30: Reading the jury report and the announcement of the winner. 

This will be followed by a drink in the Museumcafe Karel1. 

the finalists:

Isabelle Andriessen

With the Post-apocalyptic observation center Isabelle Andriessen rises the question: when do we call something human or non-human, living or non-living? She wants to make a series of works in Het Oog that will physically interact with each other as a living system, a sculptural alien organism. These organ-sculptures will disrupt each other’s behaviour over the course of the exhibition, transforming as they are fed by different energy sources such as heat, cold, moisture and electricity.

Josefin Arnell

THE TICK is a proposal by Josefin Arnell in which she would like to develop a sculpture in the shape of a monstrous giant tick that you can climb on. The sculpture will work as a playground in Het Oog for the viewer to discover in a playful way a mutated scary tick. Arnell would like to develop a sensor that sends signals when climbing or sitting on the sculpture, which fills the air with sound.

Joy Mariama Smith

In performance installation Walking in a Queer Manner Around the Perimeter of Het Oog of Joy Mariama Smith, 3 to 5 performers walk around the perimeter of Het Oog to investigate different ambulatory expressions of queerness. On the wall videos of the process are projected and music plays in the background. Visitors are also invited to walk the perimeter of Het Oog.


This years jury:
- Andrea Davina, board member Stichting Niemeijer Fonds;
- Diana Franssen, curator and head of research Van Abbemuseum; 
- Juliette Jongma, director Galerie Juliette Jongma; 
- Iris Kensmil, artist;
- Gabriëlle Schleijpen, artistic director Dutch Art Institute.

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