Baltan sessies 2: ART, SCIENCE & EVOLUTION


Baltan sessies 2: ART, SCIENCE & EVOLUTION

16:00 - 17:45

Start: 16.00 -17.45, auditorium Van Abbemuseum
Entrance: Free. Entrance via museum café.

Baltan Laboratories explores the possibilities and boundaries of the merging of Art and Science with two compelling book presentations by Jalila Essaïdi and David Rothenberg. Both speakers reveal their fascination for the arts and the natural world through their unconventional research practices, which enable the ability tounderstand and manipulate the unexplored mechanisms behind nature’s genius.

David Rothenberg - Survival of the Beautiful: Art, Science and Evolution

Musician and philosopher David Rothenberg (USA) presents his book ‘Survival of the Beautiful: Art, Science and Evolution’. An exciting and almost hallucinating book about why nature is beautiful and how art has influenced science. Artists get inspiration from nature, but can we say that nature itselfcreates art?

Jalila Essaïdi - Bulletproof skin, Exploring Boundaries by Piercing Barriers

Dutch artist Jalila Essaïdi will present her beautiful book of art and writing about the project 2.6g 329m/s.For this purpose spider silk, proportionately many times stronger than steel and made by transgenic goats and worms, was seeded with human skin cells and has grown into a ‘bulletproof’human skin. As a result, the normal human skin is pierced, but the ‘bulletproof’human skin repelled the bullet!