Becoming More 18 May: Opening - Thursday 18 May


Becoming More 18 May: Opening Thursday 18 May

lecture by Gloria Wekker and respondent Nancy Jouwe

Location: Designhuis and Auditorium Van Abbemuseum
Convened by 
Iris Kensmil and introduced by Annie Fletcher
Speakers: Nancy Jouwe and Gloria Wekker
Language: English

On Thursday evening 18 May the ten-day caucus event Becoming More starts. The opening programme consists of a pre-launch dinner at the Designhuis and a lecture by prof. dr. Gloria Wekker and respondent Nancy Jouwe in the auditorium of the Van Abbemuseum.


17:30 Dinner @ the Designhuis (Stadhuisplein 3)
19:00 A Kind of Black (Zoden aan de Dijk): Action and installation by by Jabu Arnell (Leszaal, Van Abbemuseum)
19:30 Keynote address by Gloria Wekker with Nancy Jouw

Gloria Wekker: Beyond White Innocence

From ethnic profiling, discrimination in education and the labour market to the negative images that precede people of colour, race, despite widespread denial, plays a major role in Dutch society along with gender, sexuality and class. To understand this, Gloria Wekker argues that we must look to the past. How does 400 years of colonialism affect our current thinking? What are the similarities and differences between the first and second wave of anti-racist debate, which is now under way? How can a better understanding of our history help fight racism and what ways can we work and think together to get a fairer society for all?

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Keynote Gloria Wekker


Tickets for this programme are sold out.

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A Kind of Black (zoden aan de dijk) - Jabu Arnell

19:00 Action/ Installation at Leszaal
For Becoming More – on invitation by Iris Kensmil - Jabu made the installation A Kind of Black (Zoden aan de Dijk). It is a work that could possibly end up integrating, as a result of it having disintegrated.

Jabu Arnell (1967) is a Dutch artist, born on St. Maarten, The Netherlands Antilles.
He makes mainly sculptural, 3-dimensional work, often combined with video; mostly with sound and/or light. It is robust in material and construction, yet the extemporaneous handmade character mediates a fragility. The work - and more immediately, the actions performed by Arnell – respires generosity, and invites to relate. But the viewer accept in that case to relate in opaqueness, just as the words tell a disintegrating story.

Jabu Arnell graduated in 2009 from the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. Since then he had exhibitions in various art spaces, including Artless, het Zeemanshuis, De Vondelbunker, Fatform, Zoete Broodjes (Amsterdam), Het Glazen Huis, De Nieuwe Vide, Schok (Schoorl). Works of Jabu Arnell were shown at The Studio Museum Harlem, NY (2009), W139, Amsterdam (2016), and Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2016). His works are part of many private collections and the collection of The Studio Museum Harlem.

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