Becoming More 25 May: DAI openings and Agents of Change - Thursday 25 May

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Becoming More 25 May: DAI openings and Agents of Change Thursday 25 May


Agents of Changes presents: An 'Uncomfortable Diner' Drents Dorp

Location: Leszaal, Van Abbemuseum
Time: 14:00 - 16:00

For the Caucus, Agents of Change will present a program in collaboration with four different initiatives on Thurs 25th, Friday 26th and Sat 27th willing to invite participants and the public of the museum to get to know them better, to visit them and to join in their activities. It will give an alternative approach to the city of Eindhoven, their urgencies and their challenges.

Drents Dorp is a neighbourhood where a lot of things are happening. 

One of the hotspots in the area is called Drents Dorp Hoofdkwartier. The Hoofdkwartier, –which means headquarters–, was the home of the Drents Dorp Angels. Three women from the creative industry who, commissioned by housing cooperation Woonbedrijf, activated people to prepare for the maintenance in their neighbourhood and who tried to boost the social cohesion. With a lot of the projects, like theatre festival the Dierenroadshow, they pulled people literally out of their homes. In January 2016, the last Drents Dorps Angel left and now the neighbourhood residents have the responsibility for Hoofdkwartier. 

Nowadays there is a solid base of volunteers, who organise amusing projects for and with the inhabitants. Like their yearly participation in the Dutch Design Week and their project called Ongemakkelijk Diner (‘Uncomfortable diner’). This diner is a full evening program at the intersection of social and art. Residents serve guests a diner on uncomfortable crockery, designed by themselves. They combine this with theatrical elements in order to challenge the diner guests to interact with each other in a different way. The profit of this diners is used for new projects in the neighbourhood.

You think diners with your family in law or annoying colleagues are uncomfortable? It can be much worse. Come and have a taste of the "Ongemakkelijk Diner" (Uncomfortable Diner) in the Van Abbemuseum. Join the community of Drents Dorp in an experience that challenges you to communicate, cooperate, let go and conquer your resistance. Funny and confronting, artistic and bizar; the ‘Cooks and Darlings’ will make sure you will never forget this. Awkwardness has never been so much fun before!

DAI Presents:

Notes from Suriname' 

Time: 13.15 - 13:45

Artist's Books and Reading by Ricardo Liong-A-Kong 

Living and working between Hengelo, Arnhem, and Paramaribo, Ricardo started making artist's books around the mid-eighties. Since 1991 his books are published under the imprint Ambassade van Bukistan. This presentation highlights his books on plantations in Surinam. They contain subtle and poetic visual and textual observations on plant species and seeds, (family) relations, children’s games, mappings, language, and social behavior. When in Surinam, Ricardo regularly updates his friends and colleagues in the Netherlands by sending them 'Notes from Surinam'. Over the past years, he has been presenting these notes at public reading sessions in the Netherlands, accompanied by audio and video materials, as well as homemade peanut soup. The books presented at the library are available at the museum shop and


Location: B2 New Building, VAN ABBEMUSEUM

Time: DURATIONAL EVENT: WED 24.05 - THU 25.05

             (DAI opening 14:00 - 15:00 THU 25.05)

In which a group of artists andcurators attempt to fill a room with standing eggs. The work need not speak of patience or skill. What if it were about the fragility of the situation that the standing eggs produced? A situation that is by turns theoretical, aesthetic, pedagogical?



Location: The Hall, Designhuis
Time: 15:30- 16:00

A publication containing transcriptions of eight lectures by the artist Jon Mikel Euba, that were live translated from Spanish to English for the course Action Unites, Words Divide (On Praxis, An Unstated Theory), and which were presented across the DAI’s academic year 14-15 upon the invitation of If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want to Be Part Of Your Revolution.


Location: Room 2 & 3, Designhuis,
Time:  Opening 16:30 THU 25.05   (runs until 13:00 SUN 28.05)

Degrees of Freedom is an exhibition in which ideas, forms and experiments related to the Dutch Art Institute’s Roaming Academy class In Dialogue with Robotics are presented to the public. Many of the contributions to Degrees of Freedom are not so much finalised artworks but rather pilots for projects that are at different stages of development. The title refers to the technical term used to describe the extent of a robot’s freedom of motion. This term explaining a robot’s physical characteristics and ability to move converges with wider questions and popular concerns about more ‘disembodied’ computational technologies and artificial intelligences in relation to social and political agency, labour, and financialisation. How can art-oriented research inhabit these interconnected fields of inquiry? In what way can it contribute to this discussion? These are the most general questions that this class has tried to engage with and what this exhibition attempts to address through its array of contributions.



DAI Roaming academy # 4  Southern Wave (Casco radio)

Location: The Circle, Designhuis
Time: 19:00 – Late

Southern Wave is a roaming online radio platform for collective artistic practice, research, and study. It departs from the saturated terms of “global south” and “global north” to examine examples of economic, state, and cultural relations marked by centrality and marginality within global systems of domination and dependency. Adopting these loaded relations as a basis for intellectual analysis and imaginative creation, Southern Wave questions how the term “south” functions to cite the “negated.” In doing so, Southern Wave seeks to find ways of acknowledging and drawing attention to intercultural dialogue and practice.
The Southern Wave studio appears irregularly in different localities and sets up a 5-kilometer frequency radius for neighbors to tune in to. The FM frequency is announced shortly before the broadcast. The online broadcast will be available on the Southern Wave website as well as from its archive.


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Location: The Foyer, Van Abbemuseum 
Clementine Edwards, Maike Hemmers, Sanne Kabalt 

Absence Takes Shape presents the Van Abbemuseum visitor with a ribbon - a material memento of a feminist conversation between three Dutch Art Institute students. Their exchange is about the absence and presence of craft in the museum as well as the tender and violent aspects of touch.

Becoming More… Porous / A Porous Archive (DAI Curating Positions Class)                                     

Location: DIY Archive Van Abbemuseum
Baha Görkem Yalım 
The inclusiveness of the museum as an institution is at the heart of many discussions surrounding the caucus (and indeed the aim of its progressive intent). The archive of a museum is a crucial node in its existing structure in relation to what that museum contains, acknowledges, refuses, claims invisible; how the museum connects, and what it connects-in-between. Imagining museum as a structure that remembers reaffirms the importance of archives as clarifiers of complexities where any position of remembrance is a political act. Archive as the memory of an institution decides what is yet to be memorised. So our question here is; What is it that a museum remembers? awaking the second question; If a museum can remember what it can/should dream of? A Porous Archive will be a place for suggesting this dream, and proposing a future.


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