Becoming More 28 May: House Rules? - Sunday 28 May


Becoming More 28 May: House Rules? Sunday 28 May

13:00 - 18:00
convened by Frontier Imaginaries with As Long As it Takes

Frontier Imaginaries Ed No3. ASSET-ACQUISITION“House Rules?” 

Location: Studio Van Abbemuseum
Convener: Frontier Imaginaries with As Long As it Takes (Bijlmerpark Theater, HipHopHuis and University of Colour).


12:00 Lunch @ Designhuis
13:00 House Rules?

House Rules? is an afternoon of talks, music and dance. The programme is the first public event of the acquisition research committee: As Long As It Takes! who research the question of cultural value and the idea of the ‘asset’, in collaboration with Frontier Imaginaries.

House Rules? asks: What different ways are there to organize the rules of cultural participation? What does it mean to offer proper respect within a space of the arts? And what possibilities are there for change in the house rules of the Museum as a historically colonial space? The answers cannot just be in words, there must be movement, and there will be dance.

A public dialogue will be moderated by legendary artist and activist Richard Bell, thinking through three case studies:
1) Samoan artist Yuki Kihara’s dance collaboration in response to the German ethnographic gaze; 
2) a community collaboration around the Kabra mask in the Amsterdam museum collection, and;
3) Cypher etiquette: cracking the codes of hiphop dance.

In between the talks there are performances  by West-African and Afro-Caribbean style dance-group Untold and dancers from HipHopLab 040. We end the day with music, dance and drinks.  

Becoming More Playlist

Public dialogue moderated by Richard Bell


Tickets for this programme are €10,- including lunch and dinner. Order your ticket here.

As Long As It Takes

As Long As It Takes, including members from the Bijlmer Parktheater, HipHopHuis, and University of Colour, was formed when art and research project ‘Frontier Imaginaries’ turned around their Caucus invitation, proposing to the Van Abbemuseum a process of ‘Thinking Through Doing’ focused upon one museum acquisition.

Other Event and projects


Location: DIY Archive Van AbbemuseumBaha Görkem Yalım  The inclusiveness of the museum as an institution is at the heart of many discussions surrounding the caucus (and indeed the aim of its progressive intent). The archive of a museum is a crucial node in its existing structure in relation to what that museum contains, acknowledges, refuses, claims invisible; how the museum connects, and what it connects-in-between. Imagining museum as a structure that remembers reaffirms the importance of archives as clarifiers of complexities where any position of remembrance is a political act. Archive as the memory of an institution decides what is yet to be memorised. So our question here is; What is it that a museum remembers? awaking the second question; If a museum can remember what it can/should dream of? A Porous Archive will be a place for suggesting this dream, and proposing a future.


Location: Room 2 & 3, Designhuis

Degrees of Freedom is an exhibition in which ideas, forms and experiments related to the Dutch Art Institute’s Roaming Academy class In Dialogue with Robotics are presented to the public. Many of the contributions to Degrees of Freedom are not so much finalised artworks but rather pilots for projects that are at different stages of development. The title refers to the technical term used to describe the extent of a robot’s freedom of motion. This term explaining a robot’s physical characteristics and ability to move converges with wider questions and popular concerns about more ‘disembodied’ computational technologies and artificial intelligences in relation to social and political agency, labour, and financialisation. How can art-oriented research inhabit these interconnected fields of inquiry? In what way can it contribute to this discussion? These are the most general questions that this class has tried to engage with and what this exhibition attempts to address through its array of contributions.

Lead tutor: Bassam El Baroni

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