Black Swan: The Assets - Hackathon

Black Swan

Black Swan: The Assets Hackathon

10:30 - 19:00

Black Swan

Black Swan is a Berlin-based collective pursuing a horizontal and decentralized approach to the traditional art world templates for art making. For White Papers on Dissent, a public program on the politics and poetry of blockchain, Black Swan organizes the nine-hour hackathon The Assets during the Dutch Design Week. This hackathon aims to facilitate dialogue about the ontologies of art present in existing practices. It continues the investigation of White Papers on Dissent about the understanding of value as a non-capitalocentric notion, and the potential of blockchain to channel these values into alternative governance mechanisms.

Role playing

Black Swan invites cultural professionals and organizations in groups of two to four people to a role-playing activity reflecting on the forms of artistic value created by their work. Each group brings a few valuable artefacts to their organization. This could be objects, projects, digital things, exhibitions, knowledge, or research outputs.


Participation in the hackathon is free, register via the button above.

For this activity you need a COVID certificate.