Museumles op bezoek bij Bram Hermens
Bram Hermens

Bram Hermens - Bactrius

in Het Oog
28/07/2011 - 25/03/2012

In the context of the exhibition programme VANUIT HIER - OUT OF HERE, the Eindhoven based artist Bram Hermens is invited to develop a big, new, wall...

Bram Hermens has a long tradition of work in and near to Eindhoven. His often larger than life figures have been on show at several cultural institutions in Noord-Brabant. His work not only refers to (art)historical imagery, but also reflects on contemporary political conflicts, like press photography tries to visualise. An example is the modern battle between the armed police force on horseback and the anti-globalists that emerged at De Krabbedans in 2005 and later developed into a more extensive drawing at the MU art center in Eindhoven.
Hermens tries, in his own words, “to visualise a reality behind the actuality.”

On 26/02/2012 en 25/03/2012 Bram Hermens will give an explanation about the mural. Signing up is free but there is a maximum of 30 persons.
We advise you to bring a jacket to Het Oog (The Eye).

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 In addition, there is a catalog of Bram Hermens for sale in our museum shop.

Since February 2009 Het Oog is a space in the ‘open air’ of the museum that gives artists space to work on a project for a period of six months.