BYTS in Your-space - The Bosch Young Talent Show

Bosch Young Talent Show
Jheronimus Bosch 500

BYTS in Your-space The Bosch Young Talent Show

15:00 - 20:00

On Thursday 22 July, 2010 Your-space will host a visiting group from the BYTS Summer School. What is BYTS exactly?

In the run up to the 500th anniversary of the death of Hieronymus Bosch in 2016, the painter’s native town of Den Bosch is launching BYTS: Bosch Young Talent Show. This annually recurring, ten-day art event will take place in July and is intended for artists under 30 from a so-called ‘Bosch’ city, who are either in their final year at art school or graduated a year ago.

So what is a ‘Bosch’ city? Hieronymus Bosch’s work is spread all over the world and public art collections in diverse cities have the honour of housing a work – or works  – by this Dutch Master. The cities include Berlin, Bruges, Brussels, Frankfurt, Ghent, Lisbon, London, Madrid, New Haven, New York, Paris, Rotterdam, Venice, Washington and Vienna. It is the idea that Den Bosch and BYTS will forge a link with these fifteen centres by selecting and inviting a number of promising artists to showcase their work in the Dutch city. 

BYTS is a platform for young up-and-coming talent. The artists will be able to show their work to curators, dealers, art critics, collectors and of course the wider art-loving public. Thus BYTS provides the perfect opportunity for exhibitors to make contacts and may be seen as a prelude to furthering a possibly international career. As well as exhibiting their work, the BYTS will host a summer school exclusively for participating artists, with receptions hosted by museum directors and talks by eminent artists, curators and critics. It is the idea that this will not only enable the artists to broaden their knowledge but also extend their international network.

Three or four artists from each of the Bosch cities will be selected to take part in BYTS. They will be chosen by internationally respected artists or curators from the cities, thus ensuring the quality and innovative nature of the work submitted by participants. BYTS is committed to a high-standard selection process as a precondition for the event acquiring significance in the international art world. 

The scouts are: Gregor Schneider, Aglaia Konrad, Tobias Rehberger/Daniel Birnbaum, Gert Robijns, Thom Puckey, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Ryan Gander, Carlos Garaicoa, Jessica Stockholder, Jon Kessler, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Liesbeth Bik/Jos van der Pol, Maria Morganti, Marina Grzinic.

BYTS creates an international community of young artists all inspiring each other.  This means a strengthening of both the international art climate and the nature of the visual arts in the Netherlands. Galleries, collectors and other interested parties are given a unique insight into the most recent developments in the field. Young artists present their own work, thereby creating a large number of small solo exhibitions representing a smorgasbord of contemporary art and developments. BYTS is the place where dealers and collectors go in search of young artists, while young artists come directly in contact with the practical side of their profession in all manner of ways.

BYTS is nothing less than an on-going link between the international Bosch cities. Their common feature is not only the fact that they all possess one or more works by Hieronymus Bosch, but their art schools are also a breeding ground for young creative talent. It is these young artists who, just like Hieronymus Bosch five hundred years ago, are engaged in developing a new visual idiom which gives contemporary art its identity and character. BYTS, mindful of the legacy of Hieronymus Bosch, is pleased to offer them the opportunity to continue with this at an international level.

The first BYTS will take place at St Joost’s academy of art and design, Den Bosch, and is open to the general public for two weekends (including Fridays).  

BYTS  Den Bosch

From: 15 – 25 July 2010

Opening: Thursday, 15 July  at 17hrs           

Summer School: 19 – 22 July