City Astronauts - Look upon the earth like an astronaut

Marjolein van Heemstra
Marjolein van Heemstra

City Astronauts Look upon the earth like an astronaut

19:00 - 21:00
Event in collaboration with 'Groene Gasten' 

This programme is in Dutch.

Astronauts who have looked upon the earth from outer space develop a feeling of involvement and responsability for the well-being of the blue planet. When seeing the earth as a whole, the vulnerability and the boundaries of what it can handle seem to be striking. The Academy of City Astronauts is seeking to find that same perspective to for us, inhabitants of urban areas.

One of the groups whom we are working with on a long term base, Groene Gasten, has invited the Academy for City Astronauts to the museum. The Academy has been founded by theatrical producer Marjolein van Heemstra and Monnik, studio for futures and fiction.

This is the third evening in a series of events we are organising together with Groene Gasten. Groene Gasten consists of people in Eindhoven who are worried about climate change and want to open the dialogue with the museum and fellow citizens. They have been working with the museum in the Werksalon project. In the Werksalon we work with different groups in the city to explore how different societal issues and themes can be addressed in new ways in the collection and in the building of the museum. Groene Gasten believes that cimate change is especially a cultural challenge; one that asks for structural change of behaviour. In a series of events with experts and artists they look into the behavioural changes that are needed and why this is such a difficult and slow process. 

A ticket for the event costs €5,-. The event takes place in the auditorium. If you also want to visit the museum and the exhibitions, you need a valid entrance ticket as well. 

We start at 19.00 and round up at 21.00.