Collection Henri van Abbe - Plug In #50

Jan Sluijters, Vaas met bloemen, 1929
Willem Dooyewaard, Toilet maken, zj
Plug In #50
Wout Schram, Stilleven met fles, zj
Jacob Dooyewaard, Stilleven met tinnen kan, 1935
Plug In #50-02
Plug In #50-01

Collection Henri van Abbe Plug In #50

04/04/2009 - 15/11/2009
Opening: 18/04/2009 14:00

In this Plug In we show 26 works that are purchased in 1936, the year that the Van Abbemuseum opened its doors. This ensemble of 26 paintings is the the base of the Van Abbemuseum collection.

The industrial Henri van Abbe donated a museum for contemporary art in the thirties; the Van Abbemuseum. The donation was a building, a contribution towards the museum's maintenance costs during the first three years of its existence and an acquisition budget.

With the budget the Van Abbemuseum acquired 26 paintings from Henri Van Abbe's private collection in 1936. Henri van Abbe was an art collector since the early twenties, especially contemporary art stole his hart. At the end of the thirties he owned more than 200 works of mostly Dutch and Flemish artists. When Henri van Abbe died in 1940, a part of these 26 works were exhibited.

All the 26 works that were acquired in 1936 are still in the collection of the Van Abbemuseum. A few of them were last exhibited in 1999. We are now showing the complete collection in the center of the museum: the gallery on the second floor. 

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