Connecting - Bernadette van Loon, Anita Couwenbergh and Remko Leeuw in the Oog

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Connecting Bernadette van Loon, Anita Couwenbergh and Remko Leeuw in the Oog

02/06/2011 - 11/06/2011

How can you make a connection from your own heart, with the heart of an art museum? What exactly is the heart is the Van Abbe Museum? And is the soul of the museum an abstract theme? Or is it possible to experience this in a different way?

Investigating these questions is basis of the current cooperation between Bernadette van Loon, Anita Couwenbergh and Remko Leeuw. By offering mini-workshops these three artists will invite visitors to cooperate in their research. In the mini-workshops they focus on possibilities of connecting with the art, the people in the museum and with the building itself. This is a search for the heart of the Van Abbe Museum and how the visitor can make a connection with it, from his own heart.

The workshops are short interventions in which the visitor will play an active role in the museum. Together with the visitors, the artists will investigate what ‘CONNECTING’ means and what one exactly experiences in being ‘connected’. A connection will be made between inside and outside the museum, but also between the visitors of the workshop. Everyone can join ‘CONNECTING’; visitors, the artists, as well as employees of the museum.

The materials and mediums used in the workshops are available in the museum. For some workshops visitors are invited to bring their own object. These objects will be integrated in the final outcome of the workshop. The outcome will be recorded on photo camera and send by email to the participating visitors. Registration for the workshops in advance is not necessary.

Take-off point for the workshops from 2 till 11 June, is Het Oog (the Eye). Besides the workshops, in this period the three artists will also work on improvisations in Het Oog (The Eye), that have evolved out of the workshops. In this project gradually there will be discovered new ways and forms of connecting, which will be experienced together with and by the visitors. There will be a lot of opportunity for interaction with the cooperating artists about their project.

Workshop programme:

Thu 2 June                   

02.00 p.m.        Still life in empty corners

04.00 p.m.        Mini-SPLASH!

07.00 p.m.        Small altars


Fri 3 June                    

12.00 p.m.        Miniatures

02.00 p.m.        Mini-SPLASH!

04.00 p.m.        Mobiles


Tue 7 June                   

12.00 p.m.        Still life in dark corners

02.00 p.m.        ‘left overs’ /´lost and found´


Wed 8 June                  

12.00 p.m.        Still life in empty corners

02.00 p.m.        Mini-SPLASH!


Thu 9 June                   

12.00 p.m.        Miniatures

02.00 p.m.        Small altars


Fri 10 June                   

12.00 p.m.        Mobiles

02.00 p.m.        Still life in dark corners


Short description of the mini-workshops:

Description of the workshops

·                         Mini-SPLASH! : create an image on a postcard with mixed mediums (e.g. paint, graphite, chalk and water). The process of painting can play a central role here, next to the visible result of the postcard. Every participating visitor can leave one address which will receive one random postcard of all the postcards made in the workshops. Here by strangers will be connected. SPLASH! is a way of ‘social painting’ developed by the three participating artists.

·                         Small altars : visitors will be invited to bring their own personal object which has a very special meaning for them. Together with the artist the visitors will search for a location in the museum to place the object, without interfering with the current exhibition. This way a new composition will be formed, where a part of the visitors’ heart will be connected with the museum. With the personal objects a small composition will be formed on a small platform, to represent part of the visitors life story.

·                         Still life in dead corners : in a number of dead corners in the museum compositions or mosaics will be formed with different materials (toys, pieces of dry paint, colored glass and natural materials from the environment.

·                         Still life in dark corners : in a number of dark corners in the museum compositions will be formed with different materials (e.g. mirrors and glass).

·                         Miniatures : with a wink to the current art projects in het museum, we will use the inspiration of the current projects to create a small composition of you own.

·                         ‘Left overs’ : create a still life with lost objects found in the Van Abbe Museum. In this process we will focus on the different relations people can have with the objects.

·                         Mobiles : emotional, psychological and artistic terms concerning the projects in the Van Abbe Museum, carry a certain weight of wood. They can be hang in a mobile to see in what position the term are balanced well for individual visitors.

The compositions created in the workshops will be photographed and send to the participating visitors by email.

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