Construction work - to protect museum and art

bovenaanzicht - waterkering
zijaanzicht - waterkering

Construction work to protect museum and art

04/01/2016 - 01/04/2016

flood protection

The Van Abbemuseum is situated on the Dommel and has been regularly threatened by high water. Climate change means that the risks of flooding are increasing all the time. To prevent the risk to the building and the art, and to keep the museum visitors’ feet dry, a flood barrier is now being built. 

The construction work starts on 4 January and is finished on 1 April 2016. We will do our best to limit the inconvenience to you, the visitors, as much as possible.

Consequences for the visitor

The museum and the museum café will remain open as usual. As the work will be carried out at the back of the museum, you will only be able to enter through the main entrance on Bilderdijklaan 10. The rear entrance through the museum café at the Stratumsedijk will remain closed throughout the period of construction. The museum's parking for bicycles at the rear entrance will not be accessible either. You can park your bike in the cycle racks on the Stratumsedijk or the Bilderdijklaan.
Wooden sheeting will be put in place to protect the windows of the museum café, the corridor from the museum café to the museum and the lecture room. This means that the view over the pond will be temporarily restricted.

The flood barrier

A sustainable and innovative barrier, a so called Self Closing Flood Barrier, will be positioned in the museum pond. The dam is made of synthetic materials and is 33 metres long. It is only visible when there is a danger of flooding; the rising water automatically forces the flood barrier up within a few minutes. In addition, the two alcoves in the new building will be fitted with a watertight roller blind and the alcove in  the library will be structurally reinforced so that it will be resistant to high water.

These actions are part of a bigger plan to protect Eindhoven against floods. This custom made solution for the museum has been commisioned by Water Board De Dommel in cooperation with the Eindhoven municipality. 

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