Creative Determination - Library exhibition

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Creative Determination Library exhibition

21/01/2014 - 02/05/2014
Opening: 19/01/2014 15:00

How could art function as an instrument of social reaction? What moves collective determination in concrete situations? Could art propose new ways to develop our society? Could art be considered as a tool of creative determination?

In relation with the Museum of Arte Útil, the library will propose an exhibition that connects various citizens movements, alternative episodes and artists groups from Eindhoven during the 60´s, 70´s and 80´s with some examples from the Arte Útil archive and its international record of creative resistance against power and socio-political systems of control during these decades. This exhibition will show how art has been used as a tool for social observation and critical practice as well as a mechanism for transformation activating possible strategies for the future. The library will host examples of alternative forms of collective work, experimental ways of coexistence, apparatus of protest, communal property, acts of resistance through interaction and irreverence. Art projects from North America, Europe and Latin America will share space with movements in Eindhoven like Het Karregat, ‘t Hool, Apollohuis, and Zesde Kolonne. This exhibition will propose a public programme of discussions and screenings reflecting about the relation between Eindhoven and Arte Útil, the past and the present.

Curator: Gemma Medina

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