Creolizing the Canon - event around the Xenogenesis exhibition


Creolizing the Canon event around the Xenogenesis exhibition

15:00 - 19:30

Together with guest programmer Richard Kofi, we are organising two events around the Xenogenesis exhibition. From 3pm onwards, various guests will be joining him in the museum for conversations, lectures and performances. Richard Kofi gives voice, colour, face and sound to Xenogenesis topics such as independence, decolonisation, futurism and the holistic approach to medicine. After 5pm we will bring things to a close at bar Calypso.

Tickets: €10,- including museum entrance and drink.


More and more museums are inviting academics and activists to explore the consequences of worldwide geopolitical issues at a local level. They're looking for fresh narratives and different voices that inspire people to look at the world from another perspective and, preferably, to change. (Jouwe 2018, p. 131) It is an intensive process, and the question remains as to whether it will ever really be completed. Does decolonisation involve more than restoring the Eurocentric past and present of an institution? Can you actually celebrate successes in achieving decolonisation? Who are we doing it for anyway? Wouldn’t it be better if we simply founded new institutions; ones that examine new ways of thinking and the consequences of progress?



Museum, 3pm - 5pm: Interviews with and performances by:
Munganyende Hélène Christelle - investigative journalist, writer and founder IamSHERO
Pelumi Adejumo - poet and writer
Naomie Pieter - queer and anti-racism activist, choreographer and artist
Rose Sarpong – singer / songwriter

From 5pm onwards:
Drink in bar Calypso


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