DDW kick-off - Broken White, Bas van Beek & guests @ Van Abbe

Broken White, ENVISIONS. Foto Marcel de Buck
Bas van Beek, Pracht und Prinzip. Foto Peter Cox
guest @ Van Abbe: Victor Sonna
Guest @ Van Abbe: Aart van Asseldonk, Van Asseldonk Bouw Bedrijf Eindhoven
Pallard, Heymans & Shinoda, Opening Traditions
CBK Groningen, Made in Grunn
DDW @ Van Abbe

DDW kick-off Broken White, Bas van Beek & guests @ Van Abbe

16:00 - 18:00
During Dutch Design Week, from 22 until 30 October, Eindhoven is all about design, and so is the Van Abbemuseum! We would like to invite you to our DDW kick-off on Saturday 22 October from 16.00 until 18.00. 



Introduction to Broken White by Thomas Widdershoven, one of the curators of this exhibition.
Please register online for this introduction.

16.15 and 17.15: 
 - Guided tours through Broken White a.o. by Thomas Widdershoven;
 - Guided tour by designer Bas van Beek through his exhibition Pracht und Prinzip.

Between 16.00 and 18.00 uur you can meet several designers, a.o. ENVISIONS and OS & OOS, in the galleries of Broken White who can tell you more about their work. 

The different designers who are guests at the museum will also be present to explain their projects. 

Please note: to enter the exhibition Broken White and to participate in a tour in this exhibition, you need to have a DDW ticket. These are for sale at our cash register or online via the DDW website.

Entrance to all other presentations is free this afternoon between 16.00 and 18.00.