DDW: Levende Kleuren (Living Colours - Avans Hogeschool & buroBELÉN

Living Colours
Living Colours
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Living Colours
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DDW: Levende Kleuren (Living Colours Avans Hogeschool & buroBELÉN

17/10/2015 - 25/10/2015

colour changes in interior design

location: Studio, basement new building.

It is not easy to achieve a unique, sustainable yet never boring interior in our current consumer society.  However, the project Levende Kleuren (Living Colours) makes it happen. During the Dutch Design Week 2015 the exhibition ‘Time will change’ made by a collective of researchers, producers and designers will show how changing natural colours can drastically influence interior design. 

Levende kleuren is a project of Avans University of Applied Sciences (research and education), the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy, buroBELÉN (art-direction) and several companies and designers such as Rubia 100% Natural Colours, the Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier, Textiellab, Rigo paint centre and textile producer Febrik. The partners combine technical and chemical knowledge of plant based natural colours with renewing and sustainable interior designing.

Madder red and berry blue

An advantage of natural colours such as madder red, nettle green or berry blue is that they can be produced sustainably. However, some natural colours also tend to fade and lose colour. Conducting research on the mechanisms of these changes makes it possible for designers to apply these qualities in a clever way. This results in unique objects such as a carpet that slowly discolours, curtains with a slowly emerging pattern and an acoustic wall coating with a different perspective from each angle.

Wall paper, carpets and living walls

During the Dutch Design Week 2015 the results of the two-year research project Levende kleuren will be shown at the Studio of the Van Abbemuseum. Wall paper, living walls, several textile products and graduation results from students of AKVlSt Joost School of Fine Art and Design form a coherent sustainable interior with a unique character.

The project Levende kleuren is subsidized by RAAK SIA and supported by ‘contactgroep Textiel’ and ‘stichting KleurenVisie’