DDW No Nonsense 24 October (Fri) - evening programme

Vr / Fri 24.10.2014, 2015 & 21.15 - Performance: Lilia Scheerder
Vr / Fri 24.10.2014, 22.00 - 23.00 - Muziek / Music: Skalala
Dagelijks / Daily, 19.00 -21.00: eten / dinner. Food design door Annelies Hermsen. Photo Etienne van Sloun

DDW No Nonsense 24 October (Fri) evening programme

19:00 - 23:00

food, drinks, music, performances, tours, discussions


19.00 - 21.00 - No Nonsense dinner

Nothing is allowed anymore. Today all information travels to the other side of the world in no time via the Internet, we are bombarded with hip lifestyles, healthy diets and a variety of dietary advice. Salt causes high blood pressure, drinking milk makes you lactose intolerant, bread contains gluten, meat is full of antibiotics and sugar is completely out of the question. NO is the word we hear everywhere. What is still allowed? “Just be normal, that’s crazy enough”, is the motto with which this dinner is served; no-nonsense. Who can say no to this?
<media 8783 - - "DDW_No_Nonsense_MENUPLACEMAT_VANABBE.pdf (225 KB)">Have a look at the menu (for the moment in Dutch only)</media>. If you reserve a ticket for the evening programme including diner, you can choose a main course. If you'd like a starter or desert, than you'd have to pay a little more.
Food design: Annelies Hermsen i.c.w. Karel 1 museum café
Location: Karel 1 museum café

19.30, 20.30 & 21.30 - Guided tours Sense Nonsense

oin a young designer or Van Abbe guide for a tour through the exhibition Sense Nonsense by Design Academy Eindhoven.
Start: entrance hall old building. Duration: half an hour

Ongoing: Surprise acts…

19.00 Is Co-design the lettuce on the hamburger? – Interview with social design icon Alastair Fuad-Luke (in English).

Design critic Ed van Hinte interviews professor Alastair Fuad-Luke, in the frame-work of Utrecht Manifest 5 and part of a series of interviews with national and international (social) design icons. Utrecht Manifest 5 is the 5th biennial organized by the Utrecht Biennial Foundation. Alastair Fuad-Luke sees a movement in which groups of people design a sustainable society. According to Ed van Hinte, critic and according to the opinion of Fuad-Luke also a design activist, is co-design the lettuce on the hamburger, and he wonders if Fuad-Luke is not overestimating the phenomenon.  After the interview attendees will be challenged on the call to respond and to discuss their opinion on the subject with Alastair Fuad-Luke, Ed van Hinte, Noam Toran (artist) and Judith van den Boom (head of product design ArtEZ).
Location: auditorium

20.15 & 21.15 - Performance: Lilia Scheerder

This evening, artist Lilia Scheerder performs as her alter ego Antoine Panaché. Panaché was born in 1886 and claims to be a time traveler. Being a gentleman in the digital age, he inadvertently is an outsider. In his performances he uses a singing saw and various ancient objects, such as a 1928 typewriter and a bakelite phone.
Location: old building museum

22.00–23.00 - Music: Skalala

Skalala is an energetic ska band from Rock City Eindhoven and around. Fast, sleek and super danceable: that’s how Skalala rumbles across the stage. You can’t help but dance!
Location: Karel 1 museum café.


Evening programme + dinner: € 32,50 (excluding drinks) / Students € 30,00.
Evening programme (excl. food and drinks): € 17,50 / Students € 15,00.

If you reserve a ticket for the evening programme including diner, you can choose a main course. If you'd like a starter or desert, you have to pay a little more. 

You can also check out the full programme in <media 8671 - - "TEXT, No Nonsense DDW avondprogramma Van Abbemuseum 3634VAM PDF web4, No_Nonsense_DDW_avondprogramma_Van_Abbemuseum_3634VAM_PDF_web4.pdf, 599 KB">the pdf of the special No Nonsense flyer</media>.

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