De Rijke en De Rooij

de rijke voorzijde
derijke achterzijde

De Rijke en De Rooij

Artists: Jeroen de Rijke , Willem de Rooij

From 1994 untill 2006, the Dutch artists Jeroen de Rijke (1970-2006) & Willem de Rooij (1969) have been collaborating on a comprehensive oeuvre of films.

This artist's book focuses on their last four 35-mm films (1998-2002), paying particular attention to the growing importance of the phenomenological and iconographic aspects of their work. In addition it illustrates specific exhibition situations in a visual manifesto of their artistic thinking, complemented by enlightening essays by Diedrich Diederichsen and Georg Schöllhammer, and detailed descriptions of the four films.

De Rijke en De Rooij
Van Abbemuseum & Villa Arson Nice 2003
ISBN 90-70149-87-7
Text: English and French
Publisher: NAI Publishers
104 pages ,20 black-and-white and 4 color photographs, paperback
Price: €22,50

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