De stad als stadion


De stad als stadion

19:00 - 21:00

'The city as a stadium' 

Lecture in the framework of the exhibition " Who Owns The Street?’ 
Thursday, 15 september 19.00-20.00 
Auditorium Of the van Abbemuseum 
entrance: € 5,- 

Architect and urban planner Oana Rades of Shift A+U will discuss the theme of " sport and public space. She discusses the opportunities and possibilities for cities, towns, and also looks to the future. The remains are no longer limited to a game like street football or jogging. Increasingly there are divergent kind of urban sports activities, while city parks are the backdrop for bootcamps or yoga sessions. The Rotterdam-based bureau Shift A+U did some design research to make sports better integrate in the public space.

Dave van den Berg, director of Dynamo in Eindhoven, organizes a lot of events in the city with all sorts of ‘urban’ activities. In his lecture, he tells more about the latest developments.

The lectures and discussions in the framework of "Who Owns The Street?" will be curated by the Van Abbemuseum in collaboration with the Architecture Centre Eindhoven. 

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