De Stijl composition workshop - by Frank Malcorps

Bart van der Leck, Compositie (bloeiende tak), 1921. Collectie Van Abbemuseum, foto Peter Cox

De Stijl composition workshop by Frank Malcorps

19:00 - 21:00

In this workshop you make your own De Stijl composition, inspired by the work of Bart van der Leck. In his work he abandons the figurative approach and wraps his subjects up in geometric shapes and primary colours. Despite this abstraction you can still recognise a blossoming branch. On this evening you follow in his footsteps and try to do the same thing on the basis of a selfie, or an existing photograph of a still life.

This workshop is given by Frank Malcorps, artist and museum teacher.


Costs: € 5,- and a valid museum ticket.
Tickets for the De Stijl Composition Workshop.
Maximum 20 participants.

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