De Stijl-tour - will tell you more about Van Abbe and De Stijl

guided tour

De Stijl-tour will tell you more about Van Abbe and De Stijl

12:00 - 13:00

You can join the De Stijl-themed guided tour and visit the exhibition Van Abbe and De Stijl and the complementary library exhibition on 9 July. 

Van Abbe and De Stijl starts with a major work of De Stijl looking back at an important moment in its history, and finishes with contemporary design objects, which were selected by students from the Master Design Curating & Writing at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Immerse yourself in the works of Mondrian, Rietveld and Van der Leck and take a look at the reconstruction of Van Doesburg’s Ciné-dancing L’Aubette in Strasbourg, a seamless fusion of painting and architecture and one of De Stijl’s top works. In the exhibition there is also a clear reference to the future. The vision of Van Doesburg, and more in general of De Stijl, is reflected in the different works of art and objects which were made after De Stijl period. 

Van Abbemusuemchoir will end the tour with a musical ode to De Stijl. 

Every 2nd Sunday of each month there will be a free De Stijl-tour from 12:00 till 13:00.

The guided tour is free in combination with a valid museumticket. 
Ask the cash register if you want to join. 

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