Anna Tilroe door Perry Schrijver 1

De verzamelaar: liefhebber of statusjager?

Lecture Anna Tilroe (Dutch Spoken)
19:45 - 20:45

Anna Tilroe, art critic, curator and professor emeritus of Art and Culture at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, is giving a lecture in the...

Make a reservation here. The cost of the lecture is €5.00

The lecture is also part of the Collect Art course organized by De Krabbedans, a course of seven meetings for the (starting) collector of contemporary art. Professionals from the art world will take you to the gallery, the artists’ studio and the museum. It is possible to apply up to 10 November at the latest.

For more information and applications go to (Catharina Koerts / Anneke van Wolfswinkel).