Designing sense and behaviour - lecture

Zaaloverzicht Van wie is de straat? Van Abbemuseum 2016. Foto: Peter Cox
thursday evening open

Designing sense and behaviour lecture

19:00 - 20:30
related to Who Owns the Street?

Guests: Cora van der Zwam (municipality Amersfoort) and Wouter Tooren (Bureau Eyckveld)

Public space serves many purposes and meanings. Therefore many different senses are connected to this, from discomfort to pleasure. How these senses can be influenced will be the central question in this lecture. The lecture is connected to the exhibition Who owns the street?, and is given by guest lecturers Cora van Zwam and Wouter Tooren.

Cora van Zwam, advisor public spaces at municipality Amersfoort, is board member of the Stichting Veilig Ontwerp en Beheer (SVOB). The foundation is addressing save design and management of buildings, houses and outdoor spaces. In addition, Cora van Zwam is one of the authors of the book: Handboek Veilig Ontwerp en Beheer (Thoth, 2008/2011) which zooms in on the relationship between building management and safety.

Wouter Tooren (Bureau Eyckveld) is researcher and designer specialised in the field of environmental psychology. He is chairman of employee corporative  Eyckveld. Eyckveld uses cross-functional teams of designers and behavioural analysts to answer design issues. If you know how the environment influences people it is possible to improve people's well-being. This is the start point of Eyckveld's research on behaviour and environment. Eyckveld does this research to develop solutions and concepts focussed on both fulfilling the needs of people and developing guidelines for planning public space.

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