Digital Identity Seminars - Bring your story to the audience

Abhay Adhikari, Digital Identity Seminars. British Council, Moscow
Abhay Adhikari, Digital Identity Seminars. British Council, Moscow
Digital Identity Seminars. British Council, Moscow
Digital Identity Seminars. British Council, Moscow

Digital Identity Seminars Bring your story to the audience

17/11/2015 - 18/11/2015

2 day seminar by Abhay Adhikari

"Nice, interactive approach with a lot of new information about setting up a Digital Identity. Different from other seminars I’ve attended." 
Marketing and Communications Officer, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen 

These seminars are for culture and media organisations that want to use the power of storytelling to create a dynamic Digital Identity for their projects. Across the 2 days you will learn how to bring your voice forward to create a confident and unique story to reach new audiences online. The sessions are facilitated by Abhay Adhikari. Each day also includes a talk by an inspiring guest speaker after the main workshop. These talks introduce emerging trends in digital and social media and how your organisation can benefit. 

"It was useful to look at principles we are so familiar with, with a fresh look. I found it interesting to think about the identity of the audience. A real eye opener." 
Commissioning Editor, VPRO, The Netherlands 

This session will help you establish a clear purpose for using social media tools as a team or organisation. You will learn how social media can help you introduce a complex offer as multiple, engaging stories. You will also explore strategies to engage communities and translate engagement into participation.

10:00 am Reception with coffee/tea 
10:30 am Morning Session 
1:00 pm Lunch 
2:00 pm Afternoon Session 
4:00 pm Coffee Break 
4:15 pm Guest Speaker: Bella Boender (VPRO) 
5:00 pm Seminar concludes 

DAY 2: RUN STORY-BASED CAMPAIGNS TO ENCOURAGE PARTICIPATION This session will help you build a campaign strategy that is driven by multiple powerful narratives. You will explore successful strategies to create maximum engagement and offline participation, using your existing assets and resources. This session will introduce crowdsourcing and crowdfunding techniques. It will also show you how to balance your campaign voice with your corporate identity. 

10:00 am Reception with coffee/tea 
10:30 am Morning Session 
1:00 pm Lunch 
2:00 pm Afternoon Session 
4:00 pm Coffee Break 
4:15 pm Guest Speaker: Cori Moore 
4:40 pm Guest Speaker: Mariët Erica (Van Abbemuseum)
5:00pm Seminar concludes 

Participant Profile 
These full day sessions are suitable for culture and media organisations. This includes directors, curators, editors, producers, heads of marketing and communication and heads of digital. 

I liked the way we looked at storytelling. In our busy everyday working lives there’s not always time to take a look at the bigger picture. With this workshop I realised that it's important to think about why you want to reach out to your audience in the first place and why they should engage with your organisation. 
Web-editor, Rijksmuseum, (National Museum) The Netherlands 

Abhay Adhikari (PhD) - @gopaldass - 
Abhay works globally with private and public sector organisations to develop digital engagement programmes and innovation projects. He also runs the Digital Identity workshop series that have run in 10 countries. These sessions have also been commissioned by organisations such as The Guardian (UK), Nordiska Museet (Sweden) and Channel 4 Television. Abhay also has a research background in Biofeedback Gaming He regularly speaks on digital culture at events such as TEDx and Shift Happens. 

Bella Boender @belboen
Giving culture a second life (and many more)
Every cultural institution has its own treasure house: their collection or archive. But when a public institution is able to unlock its archive, they give it a second life. Maybe many more lives if the audience can truly engage with it. VPRO, which is used to making television and radio, has a collection of very volatile and momentary items in its archive. After a television show has been broadcast, and had its reruns in summertime, its life comes to an end. With the opportunities of the online world we live in today, it doesn’t have to end in an archive that is closed to everybody. I believe we should make an effort to keep them open to the public. Of course there are choices to be made. I will tell you all about the way we worked at VPRO to revive the Rembo & Rembo series online.

Bella Boender studied Media & Culture and investigated the relationship as well as the implications between media and their audience. She has made television for public broadcasters VPRO and NTR. For several years her focus has been entirely on the online domain, especially on online video for which is the most visited Dutch public broadcasting portal. In this domain Bella works as a programmer, director and curator, on as well als on channels like YouTube.

Cori Moore @coribeth_
Giving shape to identity, can we take a playful approach?
How do we construct our identity and messages for new audiences? Especially on digital platforms, which are constantly evolving? Cori will take you through a playful exercise in prototyping to explore this theme. 
Cori Moore is interested in creating a bridge between digital innovation and people. She spends a lot of time working with the audience, to understand their needs. One important way is to work with prototypes, which through playful methods rapidly brings out the creativity of the participants.

Ticket for a single workshop and guest talk: €200 + VAT (21% BTW)* 
Ticket for both workshops and guest talk: €325 + VAT (21% BTW)* 
*The price includes coffee/tea and lunch

Online bookings are now closed. Contact Mariët Erica (online marketing & communications at Van Abbemuseum) for more information.