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DIY Archive make your own exhibition

02/11/2013 - 02/07/2017

part of The Collection Now

On the first floor is a "Do-it-yourself Archive' in which visitors can discover the surprising forms of art from this period and create their own presentation. Prints and objects, artists' books, posters, slides, video works, LPs and audio tapes are brought together here in a depot.

Get introduced
In addition to making use of the archive during all opening hours of the museum, every Saturday and Sunday at 15:30 hours there is an introduction of the DIY Archive. Take a look behind the scenes of the museum, learn about the conservation and management of works of art. Create your own exhibition under supervision of an employee with genuine works from the collection. (8 persons max.)

Go for it!
Like what you're doing? Become a curator for a day and tell your own story with works from our collection. Put together your own exhibition with the art available in the archive together with one of our hosts. Submit your proposal with a description of your idea. A couple of times a year, the museum selects a few presentations that will be realised together with the visitors at the display wall in the archive room.


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