DONDERDAG AVOND OPEN - Lecture 'Straatverhalen' & Queering the Collection

"Hans im bild" (2008), Hans Scheir
Van wie is de straat?
Who owns the street?
Van Abbe koor

DONDERDAG AVOND OPEN Lecture 'Straatverhalen' & Queering the Collection

17:00 - 21:00

 ...and museumchoir!

Queering the Collection event: Lecture + workshop with Eliza Steinbock
In the museumroom
18.30 - 20.30 hrs
Tickets: your museumticket is at the same time your entrance for the event. This means regular entry fees for thursday nights apply, and that students can join FOR FREE! Since there are only 40 spots, please register by e-mailing to 

You're all invited to a new event of the Queering the Collection series. Expect queer transfeminist art appreciation, engaged discussion and a fun drawing exercise!

...until 18.30 The museum will be open for individual exploration. The entrance to the museum is inclusive of the lecture and workshop. Communicate at the door that you will take part in this event and you'll be given an handout to navigate the collection and its portraits before the lecture.

18.30 Lecture by Eliza Steinbock, Assistant Professor in Film & Literary Studies, Postdoctoral Fellow at Leiden University Center for the Arts in Society. While sharing images of trans* portraits by contemporary artists, this lecture will raise questions like: What are the power relations and subject positions involved in a portrait? How to navigate portraiture while gender non-conforming? How do trans aesthetics enliven portrait-making techniques? How can transfeminist insights help us better appreciate the value of portraiture? 

19.10 Drawing workshop for everyone!: get active and explore both sides of portraiture. How does it feel to look and to be looked at? How does the gaze translate onto paper? Participation in the workshop does not require any prior drawing skills.

20.00 Reflection moment: we will engage with the outcomes of the workshop in the light of the knowledge gathered through the lecture. This will be a moment to share our experiences in a non-hierarchical conversation.

...until 21.00 The museum cafe will be open till 21.00 for drinks

Lecture Jacob Voorthuis
19.00 - 20.30
Admission: 5 euro
Lecture in Dutch.

Van Abbe sings
19:00 - 20:00
Experience art in combination with singing. On this evening you can enjoy a musical guided tour by the Van Abbe choir through the collection. The museum halls will be filled with the sound of a cappella polyphony and artworks are put in a different light.