DRAG-UP - #halfwaymakeup


DRAG-UP #halfwaymakeup

18:00 - 21:00
Queering the Collection 
Are you a regular tech geek, dreaming to dress up? Or a seasoned drag king, looking for a good excuse to strut your stuff? All can come play at our 2019 monthly drag ups, here to save your soul and deliver you from Normaal.
Maybe Boozegeoisie is a drag queen from Den Bosch who has been putting on underground drag parties since 2016, with the purpose of creating an atmosphere of inclusion and play.
We now bring you a next-level drag experience, with a series of themed monthly parties where you get to learn makeup techniques from drag divas, create your own drag personae, take selfies in front of the artwork, and hang with friends. 

All are welcome! 

January: #halfwaymakeup
It's 2019 and wouldn't it be a great start to share our most secret make-up skills? We don't have the assumption we will get ready in full drag, so we celebrate our #halfwaymakeup looks and share them at the New Years drink in the Werksalon.

A first event, just to get to know eachother and the wonderful world of DRAG!


This event is part of the Queering the Collection project. In this long-term research we explore how to address intersectionality and gender in the collection at the Van Abbemuseum and in a national network of museums. The people involved in this project are also a Werksalon group. In the Werksalon we work with several groups in the city to bring different societal perspectives and stories into the museum and the collection.

You don't need a ticket to join in, but please tell us via e-mail that you are planning to come. 

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