Dutch Art Institute - Using the museum

Dutch Art Institute, Tommie Soro, 2014

Dutch Art Institute Using the museum

28/09/2014 - 12/10/2014
Curators: Nick Aikens, Christiane Berndes, Steven ten Thije

interventions in the museum

Since 2011 the Van Abbemuseum has been a guest tutor at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem. Our staff have, with the artists at the DAI, been looking at the notion of the museum’s ‘use’ in the 21st century, taking as our starting point the notion that art’s perceived role in and value to society is changing. Exhibitions such as the Museum of Arte Útil or the collection display Once Upon a Time… The Collection Now have been used as case studies to examine how the museum and artists have deployed different means to negotiate this ongoing shift.

As part of the course artists from the DAI will present a number of installations, performances and interventions in the museum that can be seen throughout the building opening on the 28th September. These projects draw on the collection, exhibitions or the institution’s infrastructure – questioning and challenging accepted ideas of the museum and how it produces, displays and mediates artistic thinking. As such ‘Using the Museum’ seems a valuable experiment, for the artists involved, the Van Abbemuseum and its public - and as a means to think through how the museum might be used as a pedagogical tool

Including projects by: Hanan Benammar, Michelle Browne, Eduardo Cachucho, Voitka Group, Anneke Ingwersen, Louis Liu & Artémise Ploegaerts, Sofia Ocana Urwitz, Marie-Andree Pellerin, Abner Preis, Kim Schonewille, Tommie Soro, Malina Suliman, Silvia Ulloa.

Programme, 28th September

2.00 pm: Introduction by Gabriëlle Schleijpen (director Dutch Art Institute) and Nick Aikens (curator Van Abbemuseum), (Studio)
2.40 pm: Sylvia Ulloa, 'From this to That', performance (Studio)
2.55 pm: Malina Suliman, Dear Van Abbe, performance (Studio)
3.20 pm: Anneke Ingwersen, Chasing your own shadow, workshop (Studio)
3.20 pm: Michelle Brown, The Van Abbe Mystery (meet at John Kormeling's pink house)
4.00 pm: Marie-Andree Pellerin, Housekeeper, performance (2nd floor New Building)
5.15 pm: Graduation ceremony (auditorium)


Hanan Bennamar - Antiphony
Answer machine message

Antiphony is an answering machine service set up for the Van Abbemuseum's phone number +31 (0)40 238 1000.

The museum's main phone number is occupied by a new service, offering callers the chance to select and speak to someone about 12 words redefined under the constraints of desert landscapes such as failure, chaos and borders. The goal of the project is to challenge these notions and perform an alternative, subjective and human immaterial data journey.

Silvia Ulloa - From This to That
Vitrine, collage, drawings, photographs, video (Studio)

From This to That is a film dispositif. It is a cinematographic performance, where a set of still images, arranged in a vitrine, will be captured with a camera and transformed into moving images. They will be simultaneously projected onto a screen generating a movie that will subsequently be on display alongside with the remnants of the performance.

Anneke Ingwersen - Chasing Your Own Shadow
Video and workshop (Studio)

How can we use the museum as a place for dialogue? Chasing Your Own Shadow is a workshop, where you are invited to engage in a conversation and an exercise: Ingwersen proposes the act of tracing your own shadow as a metaphor for questions of identity and difference and will link this to other artistic approaches in the exhibition Once Upon a Time...

Marie-Andree Pellerin - Housekeeper
Performance (2nd floor New Building)

Housekeeper consists of a performative action in which Pellerin will sweep under a carpet the remains of her own artistic production. These objects, previously spread out on the 2nd floor of the museum in the collection display, will be collected while carrying the carpet through the exhibition rooms. This seemingly absurd task is a means to question the possibilities of inhabiting the museum through her own art practice's strategies and mythology.

Louis Hothothot & Artemise Ploegaerts - Her
3 channel video, archival material and single channel video (Studio)

Her is a multimedia installation in two parts, a video projection in which anonymous body parts from a dancer are choreographed through a split screen. The archive on an adjecent wall includes biographical documentation relating to the unidentified dancer, introducing Ying Matthijsse. These two elements, the bodily and the biographical, are brought into dialogue within the museum.

Michelle Browne - The Van Abbe Mystery
Performative museum tour

There is a rumour that the Van Abbemuseum will acquire the Arte Util archive. Is this the next big shift in art collecting? Jan and Ron are American collectors. They are coming to the Van Abbe to find out. Taking you on a tour through the Van Abbemuseum, follow these characters as they ask how you can collect Arte Util.

Sofia Ocana Urwitz - Dialogues of an intersection
Single channel video (Studio)

This film is a reflection on spaces, procedures and cultural practices through the design of a scripted architecture in what it is, is meant to be used, and what it isn't, is used to fulfill its role as a generator of new drafts and possibilities.

Kim Schonewille - The Hair Archive
Sound installation, archive, performance (Cloakroom and entrance hall)

During opening hours of the Van Abbemuseum, hair of the visitors is collected and stored into a growing archive. This archive is part of the Global Hair Project, a research about hair, identity and privacy.

Voitka Group - Has anyone seen these works lately?
Sound (Museum index, 2nd floor New Building)

In 2000 the Van Abbemuseum introduced a new system to register the location of the artworks in the collection. It shows that a 120 works, acquired between 2000 and 2014, went straight from the artist to the depot and have never left the storage since. The project Has anyone seen these works lately? frames and gives visibility to what is not there.

Tommie Soro - Prestige
Digital print (1st floor New Building & Museum shop)

Responding to the theme 'Using the museum', Prestige questions the economies integral to the relationship between artist, institution and consumer. Prestige reifies its use of the museum, tracing the processes of symbolic capital between the Van Abbemuseum and Soro.

Eduardo Cachucho - Interruptions
HD video with stereo sound (Studio)

Drawn from interviews with the museum's curators and technical staff, based on their experiences in the formulation of the collection exhibition Once Upon a Time..., Interruptions is a constructed narrative of excerpts from these interviews focusing on moments where a certain trajectory of thought was interrupted or diverted.

Abner Preis - The Van Abner Museum
Mixed media (various locations)

The Van Abner Museum consists of an online intervention and a series of workshops in the museum. What started out as a gesture, a simple idea to change the name of the museum, developed into a conversation about ego, history and the inner-workings of the museum, the fight to make a work and ultimately attempting to break down the hierarchy of the museum object, so that the observer in The Van Abner Museum becomes the coveted, and cherished work of art.

Malina Suliman - Dear Van Abbe
performance and mixed media installation (Studio)

Dear Van Abbe seeks a dialogue between the museum and the public addressing how a relationship is created between them. Using an audio recording and hand written letters derived from different archives and found material online, it sees the museum as a living body which goes beyond the bricks and mortar of the museum or the objects housed within it; it shares feeling emotions, advice, politics and religion with its public.