Encounter #4 - On tour in Eindhoven


Encounter #4 On tour in Eindhoven

11:00 - 17:00

And now it’s time for something else; time for something unusual; something that almost everyone has, but is not often visible.

We have been accompanied by our bodies throughout our entire lives. Our body has experienced the same things as we do. Some of these events are permanently visible on our body in the form of a scar. They are solidified testimonies of often intimate changes.

On 20 May, artist Joost van Wijmen will come to the Van Abbemuseum to hear stories. Your scar and your story is the start of a work of art. The scar will be imitated and the story behind your scar will be documented. This is how Van Wijmen collects stories about personal, funny or sometimes moving events that have to do with our body.

When you are curious or want to be the starting point for a work of art yourself; then come along on May 20th and have your scar embroidered!

ENCOUNTER # 4 also travels through Vitalis WoonZorg Group, a care institution in Eindhoven and to the Huygens Lyceum, a secondary school. The embroidered scars and their stories will be on show at TAC, Temporary Art Center Eindhoven from May 25 to June 17.

Joost van Wijmen

Joost van Wijmen works as an independent costume designer, is a researcher at the HKU lectorate Performative Learning Processes and a teacher at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). In addition, in 2013 he started his own autonomous professional practice as an artist / researcher, with the project name ENCOUNTER. In ENCOUNTER the physical encounter with another is central.

For more information, visit: www.joostvanwijmen.nl