Exhibition DOEN | Materiaalprijs 2011 - part of DDW

Studio Maarten Kolk-Guus Kusters detail Waterloop Vis M 1
Tjeerd Veenhoven Palm Leer
Anouk Vogel-Mattijs van Bergen Season Change01 1
Lenneke-Langenhuijsen Wooden Textiles

Exhibition DOEN | Materiaalprijs 2011 part of DDW

22/10/2011 - 30/10/2011

The DOEN | Materiaalprijs promotes the use of sustainable and innovative materials in art and design. Visual artists, designers, fashion designers and architects are challenged to come up with ways of using new, sustainable materials and pioneering techniques in their work. 2011 marks the third successive edition of the prize, and reveals that cutting-edge design and sustainability go hand in hand with aesthetic appeal and functionality. From the 70 submissions received this year, a panel of experts have selected sixteen designs. The projects will be displayed at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week (from 22 to 30 October). A specialist jury will announce the two prize-winners during the opening day of Dutch Design Week.


Diversity and innovation

Artists, designers and architects are always breaking new ground and thinking up ways of using new materials to create exciting, eco-friendly designs. This year, the third edition of the DOEN | Materiaalprijs places particular emphasis on a vast array of new materials and applications.

Waterloop by Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters not only results in eye-catching textiles, but in a process by which the fabric absorbs residual water, eliminating polluted waste water. Their design is a huge step forward for the textile branch, one of the biggest polluters of water in the world.  

And then there’s Lenneke Langenhuijsen’s Wooden Textiles, a project that represents the culmination of lengthy research carried out in the Pacific where tree bark is processed to produce blankets. Langenhuijsen hopes the project will offer insights into ways of creating textiles from European tree bark, opening up methods of using a new raw material that has so far only been seen as a waste product.

Season Change by Anouk Vogel & Mattijs van Bergen is a frock devised out of used bicycle inner tubes; each tubing section is actually an individual vase, transforming the dress into a wearable floral display. The end result is a conceptual garment, a display object that both advocates sustainability and critiques the rapidly changing, disposable trends of the fashion industry. Its ever-changing floral presentation makes the garment truly a dress for all seasons and a bold design statement in its own right.

Tjeerd Veenhoven’s PalmLeather, made from the leaves of the Areca palm from India, and which possesses qualities akin to leather, is an idea that can be put into large-scale production. The slippers he made out of it are durable and inexpensive – affordable to even the world’s poorest, with only 2 dollars’ disposable income a day. 

The sixteen nominees are: Jacob Alkema, Jacob de Baan, Fioen van Balgooi & DutchSpirit, Lizanne Dirkx, Erik Hoedemakers, Daniel Hulsbergen, Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters, Lenneke Langenhuijsen,  Gerald Lindner, Tyra van Mossevelde, Elise van Mourik, Thom Schreuder, Tjeerd Veenhoven, Elmo Vermijs & Dirk Overduin, Anouk Vogel & Mattijs van Bergen, Judith Zeeman. 


The DOEN | Materiaalprijs is a joint initiative of the Materiaalfonds voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving and Stichting DOEN (DOEN Foundation). Both organisations believe that artists and designers have a decisive role to play in shaping a sustainable world