EXhibition: INterior - Plug In #49


EXhibition: INterior Plug In #49

14/03/2009 - 15/11/2009
Opening: 18/04/2009 14:00

Wim van Nuenen  is a long-time volunteer of the museum who asked for the opportunity to curate a Plug In. When directed to partner with someone different from him in point of view and age he chose Caya, his 11 year old granddaughter.

Wim and Caya decided to concentrate on the idea of Interior, and chose works from the collection which reflect their  physical and mental private world. In order to enhance the tension between what usually belongs to the intimate domain and now exhibited in the public sphere, two interviews were made – one of WIm in his living-room and one with Caya in her private bedroom. Looking at the works selected by the two while listening to Wim and Caya’s voices rises questions about the universal vs. the personal and how straight forward yet poetic a reading of art can be. 

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