Family - Performance Francesca Grilli

Familie Wesselink de Barrientos, gekozen voor het project 'Family' van Francesca Grilli. Foto: Marcel de Buck

Family Performance Francesca Grilli

Fifth performance of the Wesselink de Barrientos Family


Family (2015-2017) consists of a series of performances by the Wesselink de Barrientos family from Knegsel, a town near Eindhoven. The family comprises grandmother Anneke, mother Mirjam, father Rodrigo and (grand)son Gustavo, and ranges in age from 9 to 82 years. The family members sing about their favourite artworks from the collection and react on the architecture of the museum's new building as well. 

It is now more than a year ago that the first performance of Family, an artwork by the Italian artist Francesca Grilli (1978, Bologna) took place. This long-term project is not only special because of its spread over time but also because of the changes that are visible within the family. After a year of four performances the family did not just grow in age, they also grew together. Their singing became more and more a family project. Grilli uses her documentation of the project as the starting point for an artwork that the museum will purchase, thereby immortalising the family’s voices in the collection. 

Due to a polyp on her vocal chords, grandmother Anneke unfortunately is not able to perform on the 2nd of October.

Francesca Grilli

In her art projects Francesca Grilli regularly explores the world of sound together with singers. She works intensively with the performers of the pieces to achieve intimate narratives and performances with maximum intensity.


A performance by Francesca Grilli, curated by Christiane Berndes.
With Anneke Wesselink, Mirjam Wesselink de Barrientos, Rodrigo Barrientos, Gustavo Barrientos.
Music: Willy de Rooij.
Production and assistance: Alessandra Saviotti and Evelien Scheltinga.




For free entrance during this performance, please register in advance.