Film: Tropicália - Documentary by Marcelo Machado

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Film: Tropicália Documentary by Marcelo Machado


Tropicália a lively documentary about the tropicália-movement in music and art in Brazil in the sixties.

Set against the turbulent atmosphere of the 1960s, Tropicália is a feature length documentary exploring the Brazilian artistic movement known as tropicália, and the struggle its artists endured to protect their right to freely express revolutionary thought against the traditional brazilian music of that time. This carefully researched film investigates the cultural movement which began in Brazil in the late 1960s as a reaction to the popular music and nationalism of the period. Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé and others mull over their experience, while magnificent archive footage brings to life the sheer inventiveness and political reach of "Tropicalism".

They not only inspired a younger generation in their own country, but also Western musicians like Beck, David Bowie and David Byrne.

The movie is shown in relation to the exhibition Manon de Boer - Encounters.  It provides a background for her video work Resonating Surfaces, in which the Brazilian psychoanalytic Suely Rolnik tells about her personal encounters and moving moments in her life in Brazil in the sixties.

Brazil, 2012. Duur: 87 minuten.

Location: Auditorium. Free entrance.

Afterwards: cocktail Tropicália in museum café Karel 1.

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