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Films, food and Performance Dick Verdult

part of and on Sundays we celebrate Friday
15:00 - 22:30

On Saturday 17 December you are invited for a film programme and a performance by one of Eindhovens most singular artists: Dick Verdult.


15.00 - 18.00: Film programme Zonder Stilte en Trash, with intro by Dick Verdult (Auditorium)
18.00 – 19.00: Drinks (Museum Café)
19.00 - 20.30: African stew (Museum Café) reserve here
20.30 - 21.30: Performance Fanta Maria in haar Dependance van Goedheid (Dommeloever river bank, opposite the museum)

The Museum Café is open until  22.30.

Film programme

Three hours filled with a selection of Verdult's films and video work. Amongst others the films Good Morning Mrs Kisses, a preview of the film Overdrijvers en de Volksvervorming, several episodes of the series Children are Ceaucescu's, Angels & angels, fragments from IBW's G-Force videos One People, One Nation, Wansmaak and many less.

African stew

The "Stampiet" of Brabant takes care of an African style stew, inspired by the mysterious Mhuttumnumbhu. It is likely to contain mainly potatoes, but nothing is for sure.
Join this dinner for nine-euro-and-fifty-five cents (9,55). reserve here.


A fairytale like musical performance in the days before Christmas inpired by the relationship between Robinson Crusoë and Friday. The installation Portable Lambaréné, made by Dick Verdult on the Dommel riverbank, will be the location for the performance. In Lambaréné (Gabon, Africa) Albert Schchweitzer built a leprosy hospital. Verdult has been fascinated by Schweitzer as saviour in Africa for a long time. For him the relationship between Robinson and Friday is similar. Misunderstandings that come into being and remain when meeting the unknown.

and on Sundays we celebrate Friday

The film programme and performance are organised in relation to and on Sundays we celebrate Friday, the first solo exhibition by one of Eindhovens most singular artists: Dick Verdult. Get to know the rich and multidisciplinar oeuvre of the man who, as an image maker and musician with the experimental cumbia music, has gained a cult status in e.g. South America, Russia and Japan. The exhibition is on view until 27 February 2012.

Performance "Fanta Maria in haar Dependance van Goedheid"

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