final exams guided tours Van Abbemuseum - for vmbo, havo en vwo

Scholieren tijdens rondleidingen in 'Rasheed Araeen, een retrospectief'
Scholieren kijken naar Mondriaan in 'The Making of Modern Art'
Scholieren in gesprek in Dan Peterman's 'Civilian Defense'
guided tour

final exams guided tours Van Abbemuseum for vmbo, havo en vwo

08/01/2018 - 01/07/2018

From January 2018 you and your students can prepare for the Centraal Examen Kunst (general) in the van Abbemuseum. In a practical way the themes and concepts that are determined for vmbo, havo en vwo will be exercised in het van Abbemuseum. 

VMBO: The City

Cities have their own character: their own history, inhabitans, buildings and parks define their atmosphere and colour. Cities are the decor of revolutions, demonstrations and political measurements. People living close to each other results in movement. Artists are often inspired by the city and sometimes meddle with citymarketing. John Körmeling made the pink house at the Van Abbemuseum that says; ‘echt iets voor u’  to lure people into the museum. Qui Zhijie has made maps which include drawings and text that explain how the city works. Immendorf represented Berlin, divided in East and West, like a café. In this special exam guided tour we not only look at the plastic aspects, technologies and materials but also at the cultural and cultural-historical context of the artworks.

HAVO: So tempting!

This year HAVO-students work with a theme that matches perfectly with the van Abbemuseum. The exam is about spectacular art, art that seeks attention and art that wants to seduce you. Artists, architects and designers sometimes work on the edge between art and cliche. You can have great discussions about this topic in relation to our modernist and postmodernist collections. When is something art? Who decides that? Inside the museum you will ask with yourself, which artwork do you think is the most tempting? Which work of art impresses you because of the technology and craftsmanship that was used? In this guided exam tour we will train the regarding, describing and interpreting of art and learn more about art movements and the concepts they follow.

VWO: Exemplary

This year we also offer guided exam tours for VWO-students to prepare them for the final exam within the theme 'Exemplary'. Every artist, designer and architect works with an example. Sometimes, the artist wants to imitate but often applies or substracts something that makes you wonder what you see. What was once looked familiar becomes odd. Marlene Dumas has a big archive of photographs and images that inspire her paintings. However, the work ‘Magdalena’, that is up for display in The Making of Modern Art, is no imitation. Examples from our collection like these will make your way to the finals go smoothly.

Practical Information

Maximum group size: 15 people
Length: 1 hour or an hour and a half
Costs: €7,50 per person or €10,- per person (entrance included)

For bookings en questions, mail to Loes Janssen: