Finissage Antonis Pittas - Het Oog

Antonis Pittas, Het Oog, Van Abbemuseum 2010, foto Peter Cox
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Finissage Antonis Pittas Het Oog


On 26 June 2010 Antonis Pittas (Athens, 1973) will finalize his working period as second artist in the series of Het Oog.

During this period, Pittas drew every Friday a new selected text from recent newspapers. In the form of one-liners it referred to the feeling of time and context and our own imagination towards the conscience of 'news' and its values related to language. What unfolded were a series of 24 one-liners on the outside wall that are part of a transparent research on time, space and the value of 'news'.

Saturday 26 June 2010 the finissage of his working period will take place at Het Oog in the Van Abbemuseum with drinks and a talk of Antonis Pittas and Remco de Blaaij, curator of the Van Abbemuseum. You are welcome to join us for this event.

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