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Fotograferen met Cézanne:

Landschappelijke elementen als motief

Visual study by former director of the Van Abbemuseum converted into an intense illustrated book by designer Jan van Toorn.

This book is the result of a visual study by former director of the Van Abbemuseum Jean Leering, of the motives and the way they are portrayed in the work of the impressionst artist Paul Cézanne (1839-1906).
Leering made photographs that, through thematic parallelism (i.e. still lives, trees, the mountain Sainte Victoire) should make the 'reader' acquainted with the characteristics of Cézanne's painting.
Designer Jan van Toorn converted this visual study into an intense illustrated book.

Fotograferen met Cézanne - Landschappelijke elementen als motief
Author: J. Leering
ISBN 978-90-6868-468-1
Text: Dutch
Design: Jan van Toorn; red. Wies van Moorsel
Publisher: Uitgeverij Thoth, Bussum 2009
176 pages, illustrated, paperback
Price: €27,50 
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