frank mandersloot - MARKEN EINDHOVEN (2011 – 2019)


frank mandersloot MARKEN EINDHOVEN (2011 – 2019)

09/02/2019 - 10/06/2019

In 2019 the Van Abbemuseum is presenting two works by frank mandersloot in the public area of the museum: MARKEN EINDHOVEN (b&w) 2011 – 2019 and MARKEN EINDHOVEN (r&w) 2011 – 2019. The works are composed of the black and white or red and white striped fabric that is used to make the traditional costumes worn in Marken in the north of the Netherlands. The works display the materials and the costumes side by side with new clothes made in accordance with specific rules. The work is a playful dialogue with a work of art by the artist Daniel Buren, whose work has consisted for decades of variations on a regular pattern of stripes used in traditional awnings. In 1981 Buren designed vests with his striped pattern to be worn by museum security personnel for an exhibition in the Van Abbemuseum.

The two works by frank mandersloot are based on two different types of material which each have their own significance. The black and white striped material was traditionally used for mourning garments and this also reflects the process of mourning. Over a period of seven years the mourner moves from thick black stripes to thin black stripes, so that the material gradually becomes lighter. frank mandersloot made gilets with this material, referring to Buren’s earlier work. These gilets will be distributed amongst the personnel in the galleries during the exhibition in accordance with various rules. The red and white material is the material used for costumes when the wearer is not in mourning. New clothes will be made of this material by a number of groups who are cooperating with the Van Abbemuseum. The clothing will be presented during the exhibition at an appropriate festive moment.