Full Focus - a conversation between Mark Lewis and Charles Esche

Installation View Mark-Lewis Pull-Focus Van Abbemuseum 2013 photo Peter Cox PC82225

Full Focus - a conversation between Mark Lewis and Charles Esche


A conversation between artist Mark Lewis and Charles Esche, director of theVan Abbemuseum, about Lewis' works and his current exhibition in the Van Abbemuseum. The conversation takes place in one of the rooms of his exhibition on the second floor of the new building, from 5 to 6 pm. Before the start of the conversation at 4.20 pm, there is a short tour through the exhibition by Diana Franssen, curator of 'Pull Focus'.

The exhibition

With the solo exhibition Pull Focus the Van Abbemuseum presents fourteen films by Canadian artist Mark Lewis (1958, Hamilton, Canada). Pull Focus offers an extensive introduction to Lewis’ recent body of work in relation to three films that are already part of the Van Abbemuseum’s collection: Nathan Phillips Square, A Winters Night, Skating (2009); TD Centre, 54th Floor (2009); Forte! (2010). Referencing classic cinematic techniques Pull Focus centres our attention on the image itself. Through his chosen medium Lewis explores the process of film production, which he embeds within the traditions of both photography and art.