Gam Bodenhausen - Book Launch


Gam Bodenhausen - Book Launch


Saturday 1 October at 15:00 o’clock there will be a book launch Grey Horizontals,  published by Lecturis. On this afternoon there will be an interview with artist Gam Bodenhausen and curator Christiane Berndes. In addition, the author Cornelie Samsom will read a passage from the book. After the launch there will be drinks and a book signing session in the museum café. The admission to the book launch is free.

Grey Horizontals

Gam Bodenhausen started making a book about the series of pencil drawings, Grey Horizontals 
in 2014. This work was inspired by the familiar – and at the same time alien – landscape in which she grew up. The book evolved on the basis of intensive cooperation with the designer Manuela Porceddu and the author Cornelie Samson. The Grey Horizontals series by Gam Bodenhausen combines visible reality with a world in which man and animals, rocks and plants, structure and chaos, are completely intermingled.  A universe that is as overgrown as it is comprehensible and as dreamlike as it is austere, is created in soft, grey pencil drawings.

The book begins with an introduction by Arno Kramer, the curator of the Diepenheim Drawing Centre. In 2015 Gam worked on new drawings for two months as the Artist-In-Residence in the Diepenheim Art Association with the support of the Mondriaan Foundation.  The first part of the book, “Liquid Debris”, consists of texts and images.  The main text was written by Cornelie Samsom. This is followed by the text “In het Grafijn” by Bianca Stigter, the art editor of the NRC Handelsblad. The texts are combined with photographs of the sources that inspired them and by projects. These explore her work and oeuvre in more detail. The second part of Grey Horizontals opted deliberately for just the 47 pencil drawings from the Grey Horizontals series.

This book launch is part of The Big Draw 2016. The Big Draw is an international drawing festival where various drawing activities are organized throughout the city of Eindhoven. 

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