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ICW Design Academy Eindhoven
19/10/2019 - 17/11/2019
What is the potential of junk?
Curator(s): Martina Muzi, Joseph Grima

This year will see another collaboration between the Van Abbemuseum and DAE (Design Academy Eindhoven) in light of the Dutch Design Week (DDW): a lively event that transforms the whole of the city of Eindhoven into a design stage.


The theme for this year is Junk. Whilst the word ‘junk’ is strongly associated with something having little or no value, it is something that concerns us all. The challenge for the young designers is to view waste as potential: not merely as a problem to which solutions must be found, but rather as material that offers possibilities for the future on both a local and international scale.


Nine of the presentations are on display at the Van Abbemuseum and nine more in the city centre at (retail) locations including de Bijenkorf, Hutspot, ING, HEMA and Deense Kroon. The exhibition in the Van Abbemuseum can be visited from 19 October until 17 November, the presentations in the city centre can be seen during the Dutch Design Week itself, from the 19th to the 27th of Octobre.

Take heed: GEO-DESIGN: Junk is only accessible with a DDW all-access ticket during the Dutch Design Week itself.


Last year the first exhibition was introduced in the form of a series entitled GEO-DESIGN. Students in their final year and graduates of DAE are given the opportunity to hand in a research proposal in which social, economical or geopolitical matters are discussed. In just three months time the selected candidates elaborate their plan, shape it (audio)visually and exhibit it in the Van Abbemuseum.


GEO-DESIGN approaches design from an investigative perspective, proposing a new format of research into the social, economic, geographical and geopolitical forces shaping the work of designers today. It traces the global flows of production and consumption, scanning online news portals, voices from global productive markets, stories from different geographies, interpreting them as starting points for design researches to be developed remotely or in the field.

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An impression of GEO-DESIGN exhibition 2018. Photos: Marcel de Buck