Get hooked! - Gallery Tante Netty - Woensel West

Thomas Anna

Get hooked! Gallery Tante Netty - Woensel West

04/09/2011 - 30/10/2011
Opening: 04/09/2011 15:00

On Sunday September 4th at 15h00, Tante Netty opens the exhibition Get Hooked! The exhibition features works of the online popular artists and urban knitters Anna ‘Mochimochi Land’ Hrachovec (VS) and Thomas C. Chung (AU). Local urban knitters present their work as well. During Dutch Design Week (22-30 October), visitors can join tag knitting workshops, yarn bombing parties and guerrilla knitting events. The exhibition runs until October 30st.

Anna Hrachovec & Thomas C. Chung

Anna Hrachovec, designer and professionals urban knitter from Brooklyn (US), is mostly known online for her Tiny Things-project: since 2009 she weekly knits a marvellous little creature, varying from tiny pineapples, Vikings, factories, trees, matches and brains. These strange but adorable character-based objects together form their own world: Mochimochi Land. Anna has written two books on urban knitting and she’s one of the most popular online urban knitters.
The work of Thomas C. Chung (AU) seems just as cute. But behind his knitted junk food, pizza slices and paint buckets, there’s an anxious and subtle dark longing to the intricacies and etiquette of human relationships. His work shows the meaning of memories and acts as a reminder.

Urban knitting

Internet changed the old craft of knitting into a new form of street art. Urban knitters find each other on blogs and forums, exchange wild patterns and meet via Facebook in RL (Real Life). Many cities have a Stitch ‘n Bitch: a group of young creatives that knit together in yarnbarns, cafés and ateliers. While yarn bombing and guerrilla knitting, they knit traffic lights, trees, statues, and other public objects – a trend which can be spotted from Houston, Sydney, Oslo to Berlin and Eindhoven.

Get hooked! during Dutch Design Week

During Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, October 22nd/30th) visitors can get hooked on yarning with guerrilla knitting events and workshops tag knitting. There are also yarn bombing parties in the cosy gallery of Auntie Netty. The complete Tante Netty-program during DDW will soon be available at here at the site. Enthousiasts can register already via .