Glow in and around the Van Abbemuseum - Hiroaki Umeda a.o.

Hiruaki Umeda, split flow, 2011
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Glow in and around the Van Abbemuseum Hiroaki Umeda a.o.

05/11/2011 - 12/11/2011

Baltan Laboratories and the Van Abbemuseum present a new installation by the Japanese choreographer, dancer, lighting designer and artist Hiroaki Umeda. Especially for GLOW he has created split flow.

Split flow, presented in the Van Abbemuseum, continues the artist’s explorations into light and movement, and is the third installation he has developed as an extension of his dance practice. Umeda is interested in phenomena triggered physiologically by perception and how the body functions, and as a choreographer, is also interested in our relationship to movement. In split flow, he focuses on the things that can only be seen when we move. Normally we stand still to see things carefully, but in his work Umeda reveals the realities that can only be seen and experienced through our physical passage through space.

Besides the work of Hiroaki Umeda the Van Abbemuseum is partner in another three projects within Glow.  Curator Annie Fletcher of the Van Abbemuseum is also responsible for the Glow projects War Veteran Vehicle by Krzysztof Wodiczko on the 18 septemberplein and Binary waves by Lab[au] along the river Dommel. Besides that, after many requests, the work Burning the Van Abbemuseum by Xavier de Richemont will be on show again. In 2006 this was the spectacular opening of the brand new Glow Festival.

Opening hours:
Su to Thu 18:00 - 23:00 hours
Fr & Sa 18:00 - 0:00 hours

Split flow by Hiroaki Umeda is only accessible through the back entrance of the Van Abbemuseum, Stratumsedijk 2 in Eindhoven.

On Sunday 6 November from 20:00 – 21:00 hours Hiroaki Umeda will give a presentation about his work in the Van Abbemuseum auditorium.

On Thursday 10 November from 20.30 hours 'De Vrouwen van Hendrik' and 'De Mannen van Wilhelmina', led by Lizzie Kean will sing to the visitors that are waiting.