Yayoi Kusama, Infinity Mirrored Room Love Forever, 1994. Courtesy Victoria Miro, London
Navid Nuur, Untitled, neon gas, light bulb (pre-study of Dan’s Ghost), 2010
mark bain Terrascope-2009
GLOW 2010
Yayoi Kusama, Infinity Mirrored Room in Van Abbemuseum, 2010. Photo Peter Claassen.

Glow (Re-)discovering Eindhoven

International Forum of Light in Art and Architecture
06/11/2010 - 13/11/2010

This year, the route of the Eindhoven Light and Art festival GLOW literally goes through the Van Abbemuseum. The artwork Infinity Mirrored Room – Love...

Curators: Annie Fletcher, Diana Franssen

Yayoi Kusama - Infinity Mirrored Room – Love Forever (1994). Location: Van Abbemuseum

The artist Yayoi Kusama has created a structure with mirrors and lamps in which the visitors undergo a very special, almost psychedelic experience!

Marc Bain - The Light House. Location: Oude Luciferfabriek

In the Oude Luciferfabriek (old matches factory) Mark Bain has placed a bright spotlight that shows the windows of the space as big shadows in the halls surrounding it, combined with sound which reflect on its current function as a garage. With this project, called The Light House, the artist activates our senses and invites us to view and listen in this space differently.


Graham Hudson -  The Value of Things to Come. Location: Emmasingel

In his project The Value of Things to Come, the artist Graham Hudson hangs an old light box for commercial signage in a tower crane on the Emmasingel. It hovers over the centre of Eindhoven, sometimes high above the buildings, sometimes on street level. It reminds us of the endless process of construction and demolition.

Navid Nuur –  solo exhibition. Location: Old Schellensfabriek

On the ground floor of this atmospheric factory Navid Nuur will produce a site specific environment in which the public can make a tour though the building confronted with objects and ‘intermodules’ with light. Nuur also will incorporate two artworks from the collection of the Van Abbemuseum: a light work by Dan Flavin and a video work by Bruce Nauman. He has also developed a publication especially for the festival called The After Glow.

Cerith Wyn Evans – Ours. Location: 1st floor Stadspoort

Cerith Wyn Evans – Searchlight. Location: GLOW parcours

In a city apartment in de Stadspoort, Cerith Wyn Evans presents his work Ours. Sitting in the dark in a city apartment somebody is looking at a tv-screen. From the outside the public can only see the reflection of the light which the film sheds on the walls and through the windows. We look into someone’s living room like a voyeur and wonder what’s on the tv.

Furthermore Wyn Evans ensures the spectacular closure of GLOW on Saturday evening 13 November between 8 and 8.30 pm* with his project Searchlight. A helicopter flies over the city switching on its powerful search light, searching, illuminating and interrogating everything in its wake.

* time is subject to change depending on the weather

GLOW 2010

‘(Re-)Discovering Eindhoven’ shows well-known urban spaces from a different perspective by means of artificial light and illuminates various unexpected locations in the city. GLOW 2010 focuses on sites that stimulate the imagination of artists. Familiar situations acquire new meaning and places once invisible or ignored because of their obscure nature are revealed by light. Think of the dark corners with waste bins and the backs of luxury shop exteriors, with drain pipes, air conditioners, motion detectors, security fences and emergency exits. At daytime lifeless and uninteresting, during night hours inhospitable and sometimes ominous. These sites stimulate the imagination of artists and inspire them in their quest for the visible and hidden urban identity.

Artists selected by the Van Abbemuseum

The curators Fletcher and Franssen selected artists working with light, not as their only medium. Content wise artists are selected who experiment with light, but also have a critical and innovative attitude towards the use of the medium in an artwork. Form and content have to be in balance. All of them have the ability to react and critically reflect on an existing environment as the public space of Eindhoven.
They bring new insights in the social structure of the town, they bring imagination to the public and they bring another way of dealing with light into GLOW.  

Glow International Lightfestival 2010