GLOW: Spectral Exitance - Light art by Daniel Iregui

The Colour Of Things Daniel Iregui
Daniel Iregui, The Colour of Things, 2015. Glow @ Van Abbemuseum. Photo Peter Cox
Daniel Iregui, 2015. Glow @ Van Abbemuseum. Photo Peter Cox
Daniel Iregui, Forward, 2015 GLOW @ Van Abbemuseum. Photo Peter Cox
FORWARD Daniel Iregui

GLOW: Spectral Exitance Light art by Daniel Iregui

07/11/2015 - 14/11/2015

special project during light art festival GLOW

During the Eindhoven light art festival GLOW there will be three installations by The Canadian artist Daniel Iregui on show in the Van Abbemuseum. Daniel Iregui works with his studio Iregular at the intersection of art and technology. Most of his spectacular installations react with lights and sound to human presence. He presents his works at light festivals and in museums over the whole world. 

THE COLOR OF THINGS is an interactive installation in which you can disappear, as it were. When you touch the object, it will change in colour and sound while words are being projected. The artwork OUTSIDE shows us how technology can isolate us from the world while, simultaneously, providing access. The project can be controlled by hand. The artwork FORWARD shows us an infinite number of ways to create a vanishing point on the horizon. It is almost as if you are looking into the future.

These three installations combines geometry, typography, light and sound with software, mathematics and algorithms. It results in systems with infinite possibilities, making every instant of its projects unique.


With the GLOW passe-partout (€10 for three Specials) or a seperate ticket (€4 online presale and €5 at the door) you have entrance to the installations in the Van Abbemuseum at night. If you have a Museumcard, you have free entrance!

GLOW opening times

Sunday - Thursday  18:30 - 23:00
Friday & Saturday 18:30 - 24:00. 

Video Glow 2015

The Color of Things Outside Forward