Golden Party

Golden Party

Opening performance Maja Bekan

The first performance will be organised in collaboration Bekan's mother Divna Bekan and her aunts Dubravka Kurbalija and Darka Simovic. It will kick...

Reflecting on recent economical crises and apparent need to explore Tupperware – like inspired parties as potential earnings, this P for Performance will stage one in the artist’s accommodation living room of one of the guesthouses used by the Van Abbemuseum to accommodate guests of the museum. The event is envisioned as a small talk over a cup of coffee among acquaintances with an opportunity to earn something small. The aim of the performance is to bring into play many roles placed onto individual if/when confronted with the certain task and the possible failure. The artist mom, an enthusiastic multi level user, will act as a host of the event. The audience is invited to take various roles – as a performer, participant or spectator.

Location performance Golden Party
Gagelstraat 44
5616 RR Eindhoven

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