Great Barrier Reef to the Dommelgebied - Crochet Coral Reef evening in collaboration with Waterschap De Dommel

thursday evening open

Great Barrier Reef to the Dommelgebied Crochet Coral Reef evening in collaboration with Waterschap De Dommel

18:00 - 21:00

Wondering what crocheting, the global coral reefs and the Dommel have to do with each other? The 7th of June, a Thursday evening in the Van Abbe, is all about water. Together with Waterschap de Dommel we invite you for a lecture and workshop that brings the theme of climate and water closer to home.

The reason for this is the Crochet Coral Reef, one of the art projects in the exhibition Trademarks, now on display in the museum's old building. Margaret and Christine Wertheim are the inventors and work together with the Institute for Figuring in Los Angeles. The project connects mathematics, marine biology, craftsmanship and community art with each other, and responds to the climate crisis and the problem of plastic soup as one of the causes of the destruction of underwater life. The huge crocheted coral reefs created in this project, have already been shown in museums all around the world. Also in Eindhoven it is steadily greeting; baskets full of crocheted items have been handed in.

Oscar van Zanten, senior water quality advisor at Waterschap De Dommel, explains how climate change and plastic soup affect us here in our own environment. What do you notice about all this in the Dommel area? And what does the Water Board do to keep the water healthy and to anticipate changes? And what can you do yourself?

From 6 to 9 pm you can also crochet a coral structure yourself in the walk-in workshop in the exhibition Trademarks. Wear your piece of crocheted fabric to the 'Eindhoven Satellite Reef', and to the protection of coral reefs!

The lecture and workshop are free of charge if you have a valid museum ticket.


6 - 9 pm: walk-in workshop coral hooks
7 pm: lecture by Oscar van Zanten
from 8.30 pm: chat in the Karel 1 museum cafe

Guest list

Waterschap De Dommel has a number of guest list places available for those who are interested for this evening opening. As a guest you visit the lecture and you also have access to the museum and the activities of the evening opening. Interested in a place on the guest list? Register before 5 June by sending your name and contact details to citing Hook on @ van Abbe with Waterschap De Dommel. Note: FULL = FULL