Guerrilla Girls Tour

Guerrilla Girls Tour
thursday evening open

Guerrilla Girls Tour

19:00 - 21:00
Thursday Evening Open

After a succesful Guerrilla Girls tour in October with our guide Marjon de Groot, we would like to invite you for part 2 on January 5,2017!

This tour is on the occassion of the exhibition ‘Guerrille Girls 1985-till now’. The work of the Guerrilla Girls is based on criticism of the sexist, racist and corruption that exist in the art world. Even now museum collections contain more work of white male artists. We will test this in ‘The Collection Now’. Which work is made by female artists? And how are women portrayed?

The tour is free if you have a valid entrance ticket tot he museum, but reservation for the Guerrilla Girls Tour is recommended because there’s a max. of 25 people who can participate. 

We'll start at the main entrance at 19:00.
PS: You can still join this tour even if you haven't been there with us on the first tour!