Heartland Film IV - Nobody

Free admission with museum ticket. It is also possible to buy a seperate ticket for the film for € 3,50.

In the winter of 2001, a drifter walked into the Memphis Coast Guard station seeking a boat to take on the Mississippi River. He spoke about a red-haired vixen named Mitzi, a Midwestern steel shop where he worked 90 hours a week, and an epic journey down four rivers from Marion, Indiana to Memphis, Tennessee. Jerry Bell, the central character of Nobody, neglected to tell the Coast Guard that he made his trip to Memphis in an inflatable canoe – a canoe that he and his friends earned by smoking 20,000 cigarettes.

Coast guard Lt. Dale Folsom introduced Jerry to filmmakers Lance Murphey and Alan Spearman.  A few months later, a tragic phone call sent Jerry hurtling over the edge – and sent us on a five-year journey that would transform all of our lives.  The result is a deeply personal portrait of a man running from his demons while finding grace in unlikely places.

Nobody shows the tension between nature and civilization, between isolation and community. The film won Best Documentary and the Kodak Tennessee Filmmakers Awards at the Indie Memphis Film Festival and was an official selection at the prestigious Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina.

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