Heartland Film V - Searchin' for the heart of the Heartland

Searchin' for the heart of the Heartlands, film still

Heartland Film V Searchin' for the heart of the Heartland



Free entry, reservations not necessary.

The film is subtitled in Dutch and 85 minutes long.

After its successful premiere on Thursday 8 January 2009 in Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, this film will now be shown in the auditorium of the Van Abbemuseum. Ad van Meurs will be present in person for this special screening of his film.

This road movie/documentary was made as part of the Heartland project by filmmaker Dré Didderiëns, based on an idea by the Eindhoven musician Ad van Meurs (The Watchman). It narrates their 10-day journey through the Heartland of the United States, an area that includes the Midwestern states.

Along with images of dusty panoramas, endless roads, motels, rusting water tanks and sagging power poles, various musicians and some noteworthy inhabitants have their say. They include well known figures from the music world such as the producer Cowboy Jack Clement, who worked with Jerry Lee Lewis in the legendary Sun Studios. Other speakers take a distinctive outlook on life or have a fascinating past, such as the Osage Indian Gene Williams, and the intellectual Mike West and Katie Lewis from Kansas, who have turned their backs on society and have even chosen to raise their children in isolation. Naturally we also hear from musicians such as Tom Skinner and David Munyon.

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